Skinny science coffee now Bskinny

bskinny-2Boresha’s skinny science coffee is now Bskinny™  and is available for sale to the general public. The coffee, AA arabica beans, shade grown, certified organic and fair trade, is now married to a unique and patented compound that buffers caffeine. The process bypasses the normal insulin producing response that caffeine induces in the body which can trigger a fat storage issue. The coffee compound creates a thermogenic effect which mimics the same results as if walking for several miles. Reommended ingestion is no more thatn 2 12oz cups/day. A sweetener that is patent pending using the acai berry aka Bsweet™ is also available now. This also does not create an insulin response like sugars, and the ingredients in diet sodas, energy drinks, etc. As I wrote before, if this had been available when my kids were growing up I would have used this product instead.  The other addition to these new products is a dairy based creamer with no transfats, 0 calories, 0 fats, etc and is patent pending is Bcreamy™. It is due out within the next couple of weeks. In the future it will come in a variety of pleasing flavors as well as the usual creamy addition like half-n-half. Unfortuantely this creamer should not be ingested by those who are lactose intolerant. All science info and other details can be accessed by going to links at or


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